[ Nikita Gagrani ]

Nikita is a graduate researcher at The Australian National University, pursuing her PhD in Electronic Materials Engineering. Currently, she is working on the development of Electrically Injected Nanowire Lasers. She majored in Chemical Engineering during her undergraduate program at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. She also was part of a summer research internship program at the University of Alberta, Edmonton as part of MITACS 2016. She has been tutoring Professional Practice 1 course from July 2018.  
Research Interests: 
Nanoscale light-emitting sources like Lasers, LEDs, etc. 
Nanoscale flexible Lasers/ LEDs 
Due to very small size, these nanoscale light sources work with very low power and require less materials, hence decreases the demands of basic resources which lead to a sustainable environment with technological advancement. 

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