[ Bernice Wu ]

Bernice (Bangle) Wu is a Ph.D. candidate at the Australian Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at the Australian National University. Her research interests encompass the dynamic interplay between science and society, the studies of science, technology, and society, and environmental sociology. Currently, she is immersed in her Ph.D. project “how ‘forever chemicals’ are problematized in Australia”, which focuses on the complex issue of Per- and Poly-fluorinated Substances (PFAS). Her research delves into understanding how the risks (including ecological risks, human and animal toxicity, etc.) of PFAS are framed and legitimated by various sciences and expertise, and how these epistemologies inform regulatory responses.

Bernice’s expertise lies in making sense of the problem framing of complex environmental controversies through the lens of science, technology, and society (STS) and environmental sociology. This is closely tied to some works in Responsible Innovation Lab about creating a space for alternative framings of problems that can constructively contribute to resolving intricate science and technology issues across diverse contexts.

Prior to joining CPAS, Bernice received education in both environmental management/governance and communication disciplines at Renming University and Beijing Jiaotong University. She also has participated as a research assistant at Renmin University of China in a project involving life cycle assessment of ternary lithium-ion batteries. Additionally, she hold a valuable experience as an intern journalist in the environmental section of Southern Weekly, an influential newspaper described by the New York Times as ‘China’s most influential liberal newspaper’.