[ Xiao Han Drummond ]

With over 15 years of experience in media, marketing and innovation, Xiao Han Drummond is a PhD researcher specialising in the strategic Responsible Innovation management of complex innovation ecosystems for medium to large organisations. Her primary research focuses on the responsible design and management of emerging innovation systems, particularly for transformative technologies such as autonomous vehicles powered by artificial intelligence. She conducts her research at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, Australian National University.

Before joining the ANU, Xiao Han founded the Centre for Responsible Innovation (CforRI), an organisation dedicated to driving Responsible Innovation within industry through capability assessment, roadmap development, training programs and knowledge sharing.

Prior to her work at CforRI, Xiao Han founded a B2B2C qualitative insights cloud platform to empower business leaders to make informed decisions. This journey provided her with hands-on innovation management experience, encompassing the entire spectrum from research and development to technology development, product launch and capital raising. Xiao Han’s work also took her across innovation hubs in Canada, the USA, and China, where she gained invaluable insights into industry leaders’ innovation processes including Google, LinkedIn and Xiaomi.

Xiao Han’s career began in marketing, where she led large-scale marketing programs at General Electric (GE) including cross-functional teams, national and international suppliers, manufacturers and agencies to launch contactless payment technology in Australia.